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domingo, maio 14, 2017

Provincianismo & Turismo Rural &...

Turismo Rural é ir passar uns dias ao campo (esterilizado). 
Provincianismo é querer partilhar (à força) as recordações que de lá traz.
Querer partilhar as recordações (esterilizadas) é snobismo.
Ir passar uns dias ao campo (à força) é nazismo.

quarta-feira, maio 10, 2017

Santa Fe

"Time moves differently in Santa Fe. It's unscheduled, strange, and difficult to explain unless you live here. It is my feeling that this is what he's referring to when he says, "Your days in one, this day undone, all day at once."

"Whatever comes through the door I'll see it face to face all by your place" to me reminds me of many, many moments my friends and I have spent together talking about life and death, looking at them and examining it together to reach a higher consciousness. Everyone I have met here is so conscious, it's lovely.

I love the reference to the cross of the martyrs. For the younger, non-tourist folk who live here, it's not about a monument to a "martyr" (a man who slaughters many Native Americans becomes a martyr when he's killed by one? What?), it's about watching the sunset from the highest point in town and seeing the entire sky bowl and 4 different mountain ranges. The cross is a perfect place for Santa Fe to sign you up into the "land of entrapment". If you live here, and vibe here, you never really leave.

"I alone want you to know" to me, means that this town is no longer for the young local folk. We want it all to ourselves, but it's pretty overrun by rich people with their 4th homes and tourists. It's loosing its juju because too many people come here for the wrong reasons. We need more conscious young folk to come! I think that is what a lot of this song is about. How he wants the local, real Santa Fe, but it's getting harder and harder to hold on to. He doesn't talk about the Plaza, the epicenter of tourism and perversion of Santa Fe, which makes me think that this is true."

sexta-feira, maio 05, 2017

Quando chove revela-se uma cidade nova

Quando chove revela-se uma cidade nova

Quando chove revela-se uma cidade nova

Quando chove revela-se uma cidade nova

Quando chove revela-se uma cidade nova

Quotidiano urbano

Pode-se avançar para o Céu

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